Modern applications in ICT workshop

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A very warm welcome to all our visitors from Nigeria who have travelled to attend our second two week closed workshop on modern web applications.

We wish you an enjoyable and productive time during your stay in the UK.

Workshop dates:
Tuesday 2 September 10:00
to Thursday 11 September 16:00

Workshop venue:
Netskills Training Suite
Herschel Building
Newcastle University

25 years ago very little, if any, of this workshop would have been possible. However since that time Information and Communications Technology has undergone a paradigm shift, incomparable in scale to anything that has preceded it, and in the process propelled today's society through a technically driven cultural transformation that would have been considered nothing short of science fiction in the not too distant past.

All of this is of course thanks to Sir Tim Berners Lee, all his supporters at CERN, and everyone who has since recognised the power of the world wide web and contributed immeasurably to its further development and expansion. And, of course, the web would not be possible without the internet and all the complex data shifting that we take so much for granted—not too mention related well established protocols and standards and the early pioneering information services.

In this workshop we explore our modern ICT universe and aspire to not only gain an appreciation of it, but be some of the players who are adding to its composition by creating new services, web applications and adding resources to the rich sea of content already available.

You will learn how to set a server up from nothing, build email and web services, then create code to manage a web site, collect information from forms, store and retrieve data on a server database, then publish this on web pages. You will structure documents properly, use the latest HTML standards, CSS and JavaScript. You will also monitor web sites with Google Analytics and consider appropriate use of social media. And that's just a quick summary!

This will not be a Sunday stroll. Even though we have eight full days of workshop, that is still a very short time to become a real webmaster! So get plenty of sleep every night, empty your mind of all other distractions to focus, and let's just do it.